My Music History

Dear all,

I have the pleasure to introduce myself to you as a First Class Pianist and Composer, hoping that this profile may interest you , and which is as follows :-

I.   Name                    : Omar M. Ali Nassef

     Birth                      : 18-June-1952 , Washington DC.

     Music Syndicate    : No. 1528

     Languages             : English - French - Arabic .

     Music Education    : Conservatory Music School .

                                   Piano Education - Orchestration - Composing .  

II.      Performances , Achievements and Awards :

1969  Formed "The Parrots" band that was very popular at that time, performed in Clubs, Universities and had a weekly TV show.

1976  Formed a big band with well known singers for whom I composed a few songs and re-orchestrated their repertoire.We also performed on TV occasionally.

1978  Received First Prize in the Youth Festival for Songs by the Minister of Culture.

1979  Started my career as a Soloist Keyboardist and Pianist to work at most of the 5-star hotels*, as I was always asked to perform for hotels openings.

1987  Released my first cassette album which was an introduction to the real market.

1991  Established my own recording studio to promote my musical compositions and deliver them for Radio and TV*.                       

2010  Released my first CD album featuring new piano arrangements for some great classical tunes and songs.    Press here    

* Performances and daily contracts from 1970 till now ; at Holiday Inn, Hilton, Mariotte, Meridian Cairo and Heliopolis, Intercontinental, Baron, Safir, Helnan, El Salam, Sofitel , Intercont. CityStars, Hilton Katameya, Grand Pyramids and currently at Dandy Mall.

* I had many interviews and live appearances, besides many musical compositions and scores are broadcasted occasionally. I play international music; European, American, Latin, Blues and Arabic. My repertoire is constantly changing and featuring classics and new music.

NB. I'm ready to perform at special occasions.


If you are interested in IT, here is the other side of me.   Press here               


              Thanks and best regards


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