Being a well known and highly reputable pianist for more than 35 years, who performed for almost all 5 star hotels in Egypt, and was called to their openings. And having studied music composition and arrangement, and also had received prizes for some of his compositions and songs, besides his previous releases that were greatly appreciated by the public as well as music critics . Omar Nassef is releasing a series of "Piano"  albums performed on a digital or/and a studio acoustic piano (one take per piece), just as live performance with no editing nor any added sound tracks, with unique, classical and different arrangements . The concept to this approach, is simply the honesty of a skilled performer that is trying to be as live as possible with an audience that cherish fine art and especially to those who love the piano being the king of musical instruments . Also in an attempt to spread the true quality of piano performance together with the golden oldies to the young generation and to those who are not privileged enough to attend live performances .

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